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Desert Dusk Palette Eye Look!

The Desert Dusk Palette by Huda Beauty is one of my favorite palettes right now. I got it as a birthday gift from my best friend, and I have been using non-stop since I first got it. The colors are beautifully pigmented  and compliment each other very well. Honestly, this is one of the best eyeshadow palettes I have ever used- not to mention the packaging is GORG (like how does one perfect eyeshadow like the woman on the front?!). Pictures cannot do this palette justice- trust me it is ten times prettier in person, if that’s even possible. I was thinking about an excuse to rave about this palette, and I eventually decided to show you my favorite look to do using only this palette. This palette is so versatile and can be used for anything from a daytime casual look to a dramatic night out on the town. My favorite is a casual look that brings out the color of my eyes for everyday wear (please excuse my overgrown brows in these photos- I’ve gotten them done since but when I tried to re-shoot these photos, the lighting was off and these ones were better!!).

flatlayshadows (1)

To start off, I primed my eyes with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer to keep the shadow from creasing and wearing off. Also, using primer can make the colors come off more pigmented- bonus! I put the color Desert Sand all over my lid and up to my brow. Next, I took the color Eden and lightly swept that in my crease and a little above my crease as a transition color.


Next, I took the color Amber and added it inside my crease for definition. This is the perfect shade for defining a crease without overdoing it- it’s not too dark, but it still has a really nice color to it. I love the way this color makes my blue eyes pop without being too red.


After that, I took the darker color OUD and focused it on the outer corner and right inside my crease, using more of the colors Amber and Eden to blend it out. OUD is a dark reddish brown shade that is perfect for the outer corner. The trick to using a darker color in the crease is to use the lighter transition colors to blend out any harsh lines. Then I used a small amount of Nefertiti on my lid and in my inner corner.


This is the finished look! I love this palette so much- there are SO many different looks to be created for all seasons and all times of the day. All of the colors work so well together making it super easy to experiment and try new looks no matter what your makeup skill or experience level is! I highly recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for an easy, high quality palette to work with.


Please let me know if there is another look you would like to see using this palette, or if there is anything else you would like to see me try! I’m very open to suggestions, and I would love to hear what you think!

1 thought on “Desert Dusk Palette Eye Look!”

  1. Loved this review 💕 unfortunately though the step by step photos didn’t come up for me (if there was some there!!) other than that it was super well written and I’d love to see the colour pay off xx


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