Welcome to Kylee Decelle!

Hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I just wanted to write a quick little post to welcome you to my brand-new blog and let you know exactly what I plan to do. I have always loved anything beauty, fashion, travelling, and lifestyle since I was about four years old- maybe even younger. This New Year, I have finally decided to pull the trigger and act upon my passions.

A Little About Me

Hello! My name is Kylee Decelle, and I am a seventeen year old high school student. I love anything beauty and skincare, and I have since I was about four years old when my mom bought me my first dollar store eye shadow palette. I would sit in front of a mirror and smear the brightly colored pigments all over my eyelids for hours. I also started travelling at a really young age. My first ever vacation was to San Diego, California when I was four years old. Over the years, I have visited many countries, such as Italy, France, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Aruba. In the future, I would like to travel as much as possible to explore the world and experience the different cultures. I have seen and learned many things- especially travel tips- that I’m excited to share!

My family and I in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!                                                                        (It’s not the best picture, but oh well- it was a few years ago!)

I have always loved to write- English and Literature are two of my strongest subjects in school, and I really enjoy to write about topics that I am interested in. One day, I hope that this blog could turn into a full time career, but until then, it is just a hobby that I will constantly work towards. I plan to post new blog posts as often as possible; hopefully once a day, but more realistically about four times a week. I really hope that you enjoy my little corner of the internet, and please feel free to email me with requests for posts, if you would like me to do a sponsored post in the future, or if you just want to chat! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that, together, we can create a small community.


I would love to do makeup reviews of different products and step by step tutorials on how to do different looks. In addition to makeup, I also would love to incorporate skincare into my beauty posts. As far as makeup goes, I’m no expert, but I have some decent experience and I feel like I could pass on my tips and tricks! I am a hardcore travel bug, and I have been on many vacations and trips around the world. I would love to share my experiences and travel hacks as well. The lifestyle section of my blog will be diverse- anything from school study skills to interior decorating- will be included.

Swimming with the dolphins in the Dominican Republic!

I hope to make this blog a little happy, fun, and cozy online-retreat from the stresses of life- a place where anyone can come, have a cup of tea, and hang out. If you ever have any requests for a post, please don’t hesitate to either email me or leave them in the comments below! My goal is to create a community in which anyone and everyone will feel welcomed and loved, and they have a place to escape to for a little while.

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